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What is StudentBook?

Organize your tasks. It helps you to organize homeworks and learning for exams. Now you will never forget anything. You can tick selected tasks and old items will disappear automatically.

Share with classmates. Once you have created timetable, homeworks or exams, you can instantly share it with your classmates. Invite all of your class to StudentBook and everyone will know, which homeworks are on tomorrow.

Get your average grades. Fill in your grades and get weighted average. You will have an overview about the final grade you will get at the end of year.




You can create a task very quickly just by filling a title and a subject. A date can be filled automatically by determining the next ocurrence of the subject.


Managing the tests is easy too. When your exam is over and you receive a grade, you can simply assign it to the exam.


Grades are grouped by subjects and average grade of each subject is counted automatically. You can also specify a weight (importance) for the grade.


Timetable can be very customizable, it allows you to set different even / odd week lessons and also variable start and end time of lessons in different days of the week.

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