All, what every student needs!


StudentBook+ is the premium version of the app, that comes with even more smart features.


All your tasks and exams are displayed in a calendar. It’s well arranged and you can quickly find out the tasks for specific days.

Quick actions

You can create tasks, exams and grades faster than ever before. You just click the icon in the sidebar, fill in the dialog box, save and that's all!

Colorful subjects

While creating the subject, you can specify its color. Than the color is used everywhere, where the subject name or abbreviation is. Isn't it cool?

Grades charts

In the grade chart you can see all your grades from particular subject. You can also see how the average changes during the year.

How much?

You can have it for only $4.99 / year. It doesn't cost more than one burger menu. With StudentBook+, you will be able to finish your school stuff sooner, you will have better grades and more free time.

You can try the free version, but you will not be able to use all features of the app. However, you can upgrade to premium anytime.

$4.99 / year
One tasteful burger with fries and cola
Try the free version!

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